Mouthwatering Vietnamese Food images From Pho Legend Noodle and Grill

Some of our popular vietnamese food you can order at Pho Legend Noodle and Grill:

  • Appetizer – Spring Rolls

  • Pho Soup – Rare Steak

  • Pho Soup – Beef Ball Rice Noodle Soup

  • Rice Noodle Soup – Beef Stew Rice Noodle Soup

  • Rice Dish – Diced Beef Steak & Onion Seared

  • Rice Dish – Charbroiled Chicken, Baked Egg, Bean Curd Skin Wrap Shrimp Paste on Rice

  • Rice Dish – Charbroiled Pork with Rice

  • Vermicelli – Charbroiled Pork, Egg Rolls with Vermicelli

  • Vermicelli – Charbroiled Shrimp with Vermicelli

  • Chow Mein – Combination Soft Chow Mein, Beef, Chicken & Shrimp

  • Vegetarian Foods – Vegetarian Crispy Chow Mein

  • Fried Rice – Combination Fried Rice Beef, Chicken & Shrimp